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I.A.T.S.E. Local # 209


Set Construction

Art Department


Unstoppable Painter Ohio Train Film
The Soloist Utility Tech, Set Dresser Dream Works Productions
Dinner Impossible Grip Shooter Post and Transfer
Oh! Ohio Lottery “Kids-Teachers Dreams” Assistant Props Boxer Films
University Hospital Electric McNamara Films
Revol Wireless Craft Service Crab Media
Manchild Craft Service Scenarios USA ‘08
Sprite- “LeBron”-Momentum Prop Stylist Assistant Marge Casey Production
Peter Perfect 2 Set Dresser 44 Blue Production
Cleveland Browns 2007 current Camera Assist, Grip Cleveland Browns C
Cherries Forever Camera, Gaffer M.D.I. Film
Vitamix Gaffer, Camera Assist M.D.I. Film
N.B.A. Finals Game 3 Sky Cam Assistant ESPN Productions
N.B.A. Finals Game Electrician N.B.A Entertainment
Learning Lunchbox Script Supervisor Outreach Communications
Spiderman 3 Craft Service Foreman (Cleveland) Columbia Pictures Industries Inc
Bet Your Life (N.B.C. Movie) Grip,Electric,Construction,Art Dept Hour by Hour Productions
The Oh in Ohio Art Dept., Set Dressing, Swing Ambush Entertainment
Nike Shoes-King James(Commercial) Set Construction, Props Maker Oil Factory Productions
Pizza Hut Italian Bristo(Commercial) Set Decorator Reactor Films
Sprite-Lebron James Commercial Set Dresser RSA USA Inc.
Rapture Set Electrician M.D.I. Film
Survival Electrician,Grip Pinkcat Productions
Great Inventors: Modern Marvels Grip A and E Networks
216 (Music Video) Electric FM Rocks Production
Supernanny Grip Shed Media
Three Wishes (Amy Grant) Production Assistant June Productions
NOPI (Speed Channel) Production Assistant WATV Productions
Silent Service (History Channel Production Assistant Greystone Communication
Bands on the Run Production Assistant VH-1 Production
Remaking: Vanilla Ice Craft Service Remote Productions/VH-1 Prod
Dog Show (Animal Planet) Production Assistant Painless Productions
CBS Sports Production Assistant-Statistician NFL Football-CBS Production
Ganley’s Got It Grip Assistant Still Water Production
Six Flags Production Assistant Techno Sonic Studios
Reading is Fundamental Production Assistant NBA Entertainment
American Cancer Society Grip Public Health Television
Bellefaire: Adoption Services Grip, Casting Director Public Health Television
The Seeing Assistant Special Effects Video Verite Productions
Mullee Key Grip, Locations Palmieri Productions
Embedded Planet Grip Access Video
Psyclone Key Grip, Boom Operator Cinevid Productions
Soupernatural Boom Operator Candlejump Productions
Ordinary Madness Key Grip Alchemy Pictures
Lets Just be Friends Sound Mixer Highway Pictures
Hispanic Kidney Project (Working Title) Casting Assistant Public Health Television
Verizion All American Hall of Fame Grip Mills-James Productions
Building Mutual Respect: Breaking the Cycle Key Grip Peaksville Post Production



I.B.E.W. Inside Wireman
D.P. Lighting Workshop: David Litz with Robert Banks
Playhouse Square Center Education Department Presents: Lighting Workshop//Broadway Backstage Master Class


5 Time National Telly Winner
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